Teacher Quick Start Guide

Teacher Quick Start Guide

Welcome to FrenalyticsEDU!

This Quick Start Guide will help you set up your classroom in FrenalyticsEDU. This guide will help you if you’re an educator – a teacher, paraprofessional, therapist, or other member of a school. If you’re a family member, read this guide instead.


Login to FrenalyticsEDU

To get access to FrenalyticsEDU, ask someone at your center to create an account for you. Once you’ve been added, you will receive an email prompting you to create a password and sign in.

You can login to FrenalyticsEDU at anytime by visiting https://beta.frenalytics.com/login.


If you’re having issues logging in, see our help articles:


Add a New Student

From the main menu, click “Students”. Then, click the “Add New Student” button.

Enter the student’s first and last name, select their date of birth, and choose their gender, and then click “Save Patient”. You can also optionally add their email address to allow them to login to their own account and run Learning Sessions independently.


Once the page refreshes, you’ll have access to the full Student Profile. You can enter additional demographics for this student, including contact information and home address. This information is accessible to – and editable by – all users, including any family members for this student added via the Care Team tab (see below).


Add Family Members

Since family members know their loved one best, add as many as you can to Frenalytics! To add a family member to a student’s profile, click on the Care Team tab, and then click “Add New Family Member”.

If an email address is provided for a family member, an account will be automatically created for them, and they’ll get an email prompting them to set a password and login. Once they do so, they will have access to most areas of the Student Profile, can run Learning Sessions, and will be able to view the Learning Session Dashboard (more on this below).


Enter Personalized Information

Frenalytics becomes infinitely more valuable when Learning Sessions for a student include personalized information. Click on the Questionnaire tab to view our library of built-in questions, provide answers to relevant questions, and even upload media files to answers. Here you can even create your own questions. Your answers will be updated automatically as you go.

To learn more about our Questionnaire tab, take a look at these articles:


Run a Learning Session

Learning Sessions display questions to students in the form of a multiple-choice game, and information entered on the Questionnaire tab serve as correct answer choices. To start a new Learning Session, click on “Sessions” from the main menu, and then click “New Student”.


Select your student’s name from the list, and then click the “Start Session” button.


Set Up First Session

When you visit the Session Dashboard for the first time for a student, you’ll see a message towards the top that says “There are no analytics to display right now.” That’s OK – simply scroll down to view the full library of personalized and built-in academic & life skills sections FrenalyticsEDU has to offer.


To have a questions in a section display in the next Learning Session, simply flip the switch from “No” to “Yes”. You can preview the questions that will get asked by clicking the blue eye icon all the way to the right of the section’s name.


Run a Learning Session

Click the “Start Session” button at the top of the Learning Session Dashboard to begin a Learning Session.

With the student next to you, allow them to review each question and provide an answer. Since each student is different, you may want to read the question and each answer choice aloud, select their answer choice for them, or allow them to interact with the Learning Session entirely on their own.

Each question is worth 5 points. If a student chooses the correct answer on their first try, they will receive a full 5 points! If they guess incorrectly on their first try but select the correct answer on their second attempt, they will receive 3 points. If they guess incorrectly more than twice, they will receive 0 points but still have the opportunity to choose the correct answer.


Review a Student’s Progress

After the student completes their first Learning Session, you will be brought to the Learning Session Dashboard. Our analytics dashboard allows both teachers and family members to see how a student is doing in Learning Sessions over time, including performance by section.

The Learning Session Dashboard will automatically display prior to starting any subsequent Learning Session for the patient. Simply click on “Sessions” from the main menu, and then select the patient from the list.


There’s lots more to learn!

We hope this Quick Start Guide helped you learn the basics of Frenalytics. Learn more about all of our features by reading our help articles for teachers.