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Propel Progress

For Special Education & English Language Learners

Enable your students with IEPs to learn academic & life skills more effectively, and empower your educators to automate progress monitoring & streamline communications – do it all with FrenalyticsEDU’s award-winning software.

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Put Progress Monitoring on Auto-Pilot

Give dozens of hours back each week to educators with FrenalyticsEDU’s automated progress monitoring tools.

With FrenalyticsEDU, educators can easily collect accurate & quantifiable data that directly align with each student’s IEP goals, enabling everyone to visualize student progress from anywhere, on any device.

Improve Retention with Personalized Learning

Choose from FrenalyticsEDU’s library of standards-aligned skills – or easily create your own – to make learning fun & engaging for students, all while improving retention in math, ELA, life skills & more.

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