Family Quick Start Guide

Family Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Frenalytics!

This Quick Start Guide will help you set up your loved one in Frenalytics. This guide will help you if you’re a family member. If you’re part of a patient’s medical team – nurse, doctor, therapist, or other clinician, read this guide instead.


Login to Frenalytics

To get access to Frenalytics, sign up for an account here. If your loved one already has an account set up by another family member, ask them to create an account for you. Once you’ve been registered, you will receive an email prompting you to create a password and sign in.

You can login to Frenalytics at anytime by visiting


If you’re having issues logging in, see our help articles:


Patient Profile

From the main menu, click “Patient Profile”.

On the General tab of the Patient Profile, ensure your loved one’s first and last name, date of birth, and gender are all entered. You can enter additional demographics, including contact information and home address.


Add Family Members

Since your family knows your loved one best, add as many as you can to Frenalytics! To add a family member to a patient’s profile, click on the Care Team tab, and then click “Add New Family Member”.

If an email address is provided for a family member, an account will be automatically created for them, and they’ll get an email prompting them to set a password and login. Once they do so, they will have access to most areas of the Patient Profile, can run Therapy Sessions, and will be able to view the Therapy Session Dashboard (more on this below).


Enter Personalized Information

Frenalytics becomes infinitely more valuable when Therapy Sessions for a patient include personalized information. Click on the Questionnaire tab to view our library of built-in questions, provide answers to relevant questions, and even upload media files to answers. Here you can even create your own questions. Your answers will be updated automatically as you go.


To learn more about our Questionnaire tab, take a look at these articles:


Run a Therapy Session

Therapy Sessions display questions to patients in the form of a multiple-choice game, and information entered on the Questionnaire tab serve as correct answer choices. To start a new Therapy Session, click on “Dashboard” from the main menu, and then click “Start Session”.


With your loved one next to you, allow them to review each question and provide an answer. You may want to read the question and each answer choice aloud, select their answer choice for them, or allow them to interact with the Therapy Session entirely on their own.

Each question is worth 5 points. If your loved one chooses the correct answer on their first try, they will receive a full 5 points! If they guess incorrectly on their first try but select the correct answer on their second attempt, they will receive 3 points. If they guess incorrectly more than twice, they will receive 0 points but still have the opportunity to choose the correct answer.


Review a Patient’s Progress

After each Therapy Session, you will be brought to the Therapy Session Dashboard. Our analytics dashboard allows you to see how your loved one is doing in Therapy Sessions over time, including performance by section and by question.

The Therapy Session Dashboard will automatically display prior to starting any Therapy Session.


There’s lots more to learn!

We hope this Quick Start Guide helped you learn the basics of Frenalytics. Learn more about all of our features by reading our help articles for family members.