Escondido High School


Escondido High School

Founded in 1894, Escondido High School (“EHS”) is rich in history, traditions, and spirit. EHS is committed to supporting students as they build necessary critical thinking and problem solving skills. Opportunities are abundant with nationally recognized Advanced Placement courses, College & Career Technical Education, Independent Study, after school enrichment, career exploration, STEM and more. In partnership with parents, community members and businesses, the Escondido Union High School District (“EUHS”) looks forward to preparing future generations for academic, personal and social success.

The Escondido Union High School District also provides a robust Special Education program. The Special Education department works collaboratively with school and district leaders, teachers, students, and families to provide the tools, guidance, supports, and services needed to ensure access and success for students with disabilities.


Jen, Special Education Teacher & Case Manager

After the COVID-19 pandemic ended classroom instruction as she knew it, Jen turned to the Frenalytics team to help students stay engaged from afar.

“It’s REALLY hard to find age appropriate content for students with such low retention and cognitive abilities. Most things out there are babyish or for elementary school,” Jen remarked of current solutions for students with special needs.

Within hours, Jen had Frenalytics set up for her high school special ed classroom, with each student having their own login info. Tablets provided by the school allow them to login to Frenalytics anytime from home.

Improving Student Learning for All

In line with EUHS’ vision statement, Frenalytics is a web-based learning tool that offers personalized Learning Sessions for their students with autism, Down syndrome, and other intellectual disabilities.


Prior to implementation, Frenalytics met virtually with Jen and her teaching team to understand how Frenalytics can best serve their virtual classroom. This helped us develop new learning modules like sight words, hygeine, and money.


Jen onboarded students to Frenalytics from her new home office with just a few clicks. Each student received a welcome email so they, too, can log into the program and take charge of their learning.


As students began the new school year in a new environment, Frenalytics helped keep learning at the forefront with engaging new modules and feaures, including the Session Dashboard, customizable Learning Sessions, brand new Questionnaire, Custom Questions, and analytics graphs.


When Jen’s class needed help with Frenalytics, they knew who to lean on. Our friendly support team assisted over email with login issues, offered advice on best Zoom practices for remote learning, and met with Jen regularly to see how we can improve even more.

Data-Driven Outcomes

Students at Escondido High School not only enjoy using Frenalytics, but they’re showing signs of skill improvement too. With over 350 completed Learning Sessions, we see a 15.6% average accuracy increase from first to most recent session, among those showing improvement. This is particularly exciting as the average number of questions presented to students is increasing by 8.23, showing how students remain engaged with new concepts introduced over time by Jen and her assistants.


Co-founder, Frenalytics

Client Feedback

Thank you for all the work you’ve been putting in to the program for my class! They loved the new sections … and it’s so nice to have such a beneficial program during this unusual time of distance learning! My classroom uses it to learn our addresses, phone numbers, money values, sight words and safety signs. [Frenalytics] makes them feel confident and like there’s nothing different about them! This is HUGE!


Special Education Teacher & Case Manager, Escondido High School