Accessible Everywhere

Family members can login from virtually any device, anywhere — all you need is an internet connection. Plus, there’s no special software to download or add-ons to configure.

Use Frenalytics on your existing:

• Computer or laptop
• Tablet (iPad, Kindle, Android device)
• Smartphone (iPhone, Android device)

Accessible by Everyone

Traditionally, interaction during cognitive rehabilitation was limited to the patient and their therapist. With Frenalytics, the patient’s entire care team — doctors, nurses, therapists, family members, and even friends — can be involved. And, since each user gets their own account, the entire care team can view and edit information based on their role and relationship to the patient.

Personalized Therapy

Frenalytics has hundreds of built-in questions spanning dozens of sections, all designed to help your loved one improve in the areas they need help with by utilizing personal data provided by family. Information provided by users in our Questionnaire is shown to patients in the form of a multiple-choice game, which we call Therapy Sessions.

Sections include:

• Favorites: food, drinks, holidays, sports teams
• Home: kitchen, bathroom, family room
• Identification: familial relationships, past life
• Reading Comprehension: short stories,
checking for understanding
• Mathematics: basic math problems
• Communication: conversational skills,
expressing needs


Customized Questions

Elevate your loved one’s care by creating Custom Questions and Custom Sections right from the Patient Profile. Enter your own question titles, set correct and incorrect answers, and upload media for each option. Custom Questions show alongside built-in questions in our Therapy Sessions and benefit from the full interactive experience.

Interactive Therapy

Engage your loved one in a whole new way with our highly personalized therapy sessions, which are presented to patients in the form of a multiple-choice game. Our Therapy Sessions feature sound effects, custom background colors, and a built-in scoring system to measure progress over time and across sections. And, since Frenalytics can run on virtually any device, patients with physical impairments can use touch-enabled screens to enlarge photos, play songs, and select answers to questions.

Powered by Media

Personalized therapy is what sets Frenalytics apart from the rest. Since our Therapy Sessions are designed to focus on what matters most to you and your loved one, our intuitive Questionnaire encourages you to attach photos, videos and audio files to each answer to elevate the therapy experience and increase retention.


Driven by Data

Unlike traditional therapy, where analytics are hard to track and even harder to act on, Frenalytics collects data about your loved one’s performance on each question, section, and session of a Therapy Session to inform your care team on progress and help make important decisions regarding their care. Plus, see analytics in a whole new way with our interactive Health Curve, with session statistics broken down by time period.


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