Frenalytics CEO Matt Giovanniello Serves as Guest ‘Shark’ at Molloy University’s 2022 Business Boot Camp


by | July 15, 2022


ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY, July 14, 2022 –– Newly-minted with university status, Molloy hosted its annual Business Boot Camp for incoming high school seniors in late June, where Frenalytics CEO Matt Giovanniello helped run the “Lion’s Den” pitch competition as a guest judge.


For more than a decade, Molloy University has invited high school seniors across Long Island to collaborate, learn, and network with business leaders, faculty, Molloy students, and fellow peers.

This year’s event – which returned in person after two years as a virtual seminar – welcomed over 80 students for three days of intensive seminars, group projects and real-world trading scenarios.

On the first day of the boot camp, students met their new teammates as part of “teams” created for the flagship activity of the day: the “Lion’s Den” pitch competition, modeled off the popular ABC series Shark Tank. In this immersive activity, teams were tasked to develop a brand new product or service; conduct extensive research on its potential market, competitors, fundraising environment, and strengths and weaknesses, among other merits; and prepare a pitch deck and presentation – all in 2 hours.

At the live event, teams competed with 5-minute pitches delivered to 3 judges; one of the guest “sharks” was Frenalytics’ very own CEO and co-founder, Matt Giovanniello.

“It’s amazing to see such unbelievable enthusiasm and passion from these future leaders,” remarked Matt. “There were so many promising ideas for new companies – I wish we had more top prizes to award!”

After Monday’s pitch competition, students reconvened on Tuesday and Wednesday to collaborate on marketing- and finance-related simulations. In addition to team prizes for each event, the boot camp’s directors – associate deans Dawn DiStefano and Bruce Haller – awarded a series of scholarships on behalf of the university for top-performing boot camp graduates.


Named a ‘Most Transformative College’ by Money Magazine, Molloy University’s forward-thinking philosophy in business extends far beyond its pitch competition. Last year, the university adopted FrenalyticsEDU for its special needs tutoring program, and it has plans to further expand Frenalytics into its graduate special education programs this fall.


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