Introducing FrenalyticsEDU

Our patented learning tool is in session – FrenalyticsEDU provides highly personalized and interactive educational sessions for students with autism, Down syndrome, and other intellectual disabilities.

Breathe new life into life skills.

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For Teachers

Offer Engaging Lessons from Anywhere

Learning has changed a lot over the past year – the tools you use should work with you, not against you. FrenalyticsEDU makes personalized life skills lessons easy for teachers and fun for students. Plus, since FrenalyticsEDU doesn’t require any special downloads, students can use their computer, tablet, or smartphone to participate in learning sessions anywhere, anytime.

For Parents

Digital Learning, Made Personal

With FrenalyticsEDU, every learning session is customized for each student. In addition to a growing library of built-in lessons that cover reading, math, vocabulary, and money, both teachers and parents can use our intuitive Questionnaire to challenge and engage students with personalized questions.

What’s in a Learning Session?

Forget the flashcards and outdated paper worksheets. Learning Sessions through FrenalyticsEDU teach fundamental concepts in an interactive game format that’s customizable for each student.


FrenalyticsEDU offers out-of-the-box life skills content, called sections, that can be enabled or disabled for each student with a single click. Example sections include Reading Comprehension, Sight Words, Math, and Conversational Skills.


Our Learning Sessions are in the form of a multiple-choice game, filled with sound effects and a built-in scoring system to help students (and teachers!) celebrate their positive performance and stay motivated.


Our Questionnaire module contains hundreds of customizable questions, including Favorites, Biography, Identification, and areas of the house – parents and teachers can answer as many (or as little) as they like and even upload media files that students see in their Learning Sessions.


FrenalyticsEDU tracks a student’s progress over time, including time to answer each question, how many questions they answer correctly, and their score per section. Our Session Dashboard displays these analytics to help teachers and parents better pinpoint areas of improvement and customize future sessions.

Rethink your next lesson plan.

Try FrenalyticsEDU for a month on us. Quick and painless signup — no credit card required.