Frenalytics Welcomes Sulejman Limaj, Robert Hull to Product Team


by | March 15, 2022



New York-based cognitive therapy and personalized learning software Frenalytics further expanded its Product Team this fall by welcoming Sulejman Limaj as a Frontend Developer and Robert Hull as a Full Stack Developer.


Sulejman Limaj joined the Frenalytics team in November as a frontend developer with specialized experience in the Flutter SDK, a popular cross-platform framework sponsored by Google and used by over half a million developers monthly. As a full-time engineer, Sulejman plays a key role in developing IEP&Me’s Parent Portal – one of the many initiatives slated for the Frenalytics-IEP&Me partnership announced earlier this summer.

“As a self-taught programmer, Sulejman exhibits a unique passion and excitement for our ‘tech for good’ niche,” remarked Matt Giovanniello, CEO and co-founder of Frenalytics. “In his short tenure, Sulejman’s already leveraged his strengths to deliver a first-class user experience for IEP&Me, and I know he’ll soon channel that same enthusiasm to make Frenalytics even more of a success.”


In mid-February, Frenalytics welcomed Robert Hull as a Full Stack Developer and its newest team member. Robert also joins the team as a full-time engineer, and his specialized C#/.NET background made him a natural fit to help grow the Frenalytics platform in the year ahead.

“Robert’s got great energy and momentum, and I really love his initiatives so far,” exclaimed Dejan Stamenov, Lead Engineer for Frenalytics. Matt echoed Dejan’s sentiment by sharing, “Robert hit the ground running from day 1, and he exhibits a unique sense of curiosity and ambition that’s contagious. I’m excited to see just how much Robert will be able to grow – and help our team grow – in the months and years ahead.”



With Sulejman joining from Belgium and Robert from California, the fully-remote Frenalytics team expands further to represent 8 U.S. states and 5 timezones spanning across 3 continents.


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