Frenalytics CEO Matt Giovanniello Awarded 2022 Momentum Award from Boston College’s The Heights


by | November 28, 2022



NEW YORK, NY, November 28, 2022 –– Frenalytics CEO & co-founder Matt Giovanniello was awarded the prestigious 2022 Momentum Award by Boston College’s student newspaper The Heights.


The official poster image for The Heights’ 2022 Momentum Awards. Credit: The Heights

Each year, The Heights recognizes Boston College (BC) students, alumni, and other community members who showed dedication to BC through “their unwavering drive to innovate and inspire”. In addition to Frenalytics CEO & co-founder Matt Giovanniello, this year’s recipients include BC alum and Hockey Hall of Fame coach Jerry York, a BC student with lymphoma that started chemo care package nonprofit Care For Chemo, and a BC student who donated stem cells to save a leukemia patient’s life.


“By leaning on others and truly committing to an idea that he knew could change the game for patients, Giovanniello has taken his solution from his grandmother to many more cognitively impaired patients—and now to students as well,” shared Erin Flaherty, Assistant Magazine Editor for The Heights in her November 2021 article showcasing Frenalytics and CEO Matt, a Boston College alum.


“It is an honor to be recognized by my alma mater along with so many great individuals who have meaningfully impacted the BC community and beyond. We have been committed to building revolutionary software to fulfill our mission of doing well by doing good, and I greatly appreciate The Heights including us in this honor this year,” stated Matt.


The full list of each awardee and their powerful stories is available on The Heights‘ website: The Heights 2022 Momentum Awards


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