Frenalytics Begins Professional Development Sessions at Molloy University


by | December 2, 2022



NEW YORK, USA, December 2, 2022 –– Frenalytics, the patented, cloud-based interactive platform that offers personalized Learning Sessions for students with unique learning needs, hosted the first of its series of professional development sessions for FrenalyticsEDU in partnership with Molloy University.


On November 10, the Frenalytics team hosted its inaugural EdTech-focused professional development session for graduate General Education and Special Education students at Molloy University.


A photo of the outside of Kellenberg Hall, home of Molloy’s Graduate Education program. Credit: Molloy University

The session, sanctioned by Molloy’s Graduate Education Department in the School of Education and Human Services, drew a crowd of engaged students as Matt Giovanniello, CEO and co-founder of Frenalytics, and Jen Sobieski, special education teacher and a Special Education Consultant at Frenalytics, together shared several key software platforms deemed “must-haves” for general and special education teachers in their first classroom.


“We were really excited to have this opportunity to share some of the most popular and successful tech tools available within education, especially for special education teachers,” explained Jen.


Among the platforms discussed was the new Frenalytics Free program, which offers teachers a free lifetime version of the successful FrenalyticsEDU platform. Molloy students joined the hundreds of teachers across 30+ states and 4 countries who have signed up for Frenalytics Free since its launch ahead of the 2022-23 school year.


“We developed Frenalytics Free specifically for teachers as a way to help streamline IEP reports and offer accurate data on their students’ progress, all while creating a fun and interactive approach to learning,” added Matt.


“[Our] participants were very excited to learn about a product that can be personalized for students which can positively impact the teaching and learning experience,” shared Dr. Audra Cerruto, Director of Graduate Education Programs at Molloy University. “The Frenalytics workshop exposed our Molloy University teacher candidates to cutting edge tech resources.”


Carli Fonseca, who is working towards her Graduate Education Teacher Candidate, remarked of the session: “The Frenalytics software is a fantastic way to make learning more personalized for students. I really like the questionnaire tab of the website that can allow the user to enter personalized information about the student. This tool can help students make connections to the learning topics in a meaningful way.”


Frenalytics, in affiliation with Molloy University, will be announcing a series of professional development courses throughout 2023, including in the graduate program’s popular class titled Instructional Applications of the Internet – Integrating Digital Age Tools into Instruction, Classroom Management, Communication, and Collaboration.



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FrenalyticsEDU is a patented, cloud-based interactive platform designed to personalize the learning process for students with unique learning needs, including autism and Down syndrome. The first version of Frenalytics was created by CEO Matt after his grandmother suffered a massive stroke during open-heart surgery. Designed for educators by educators, FrenalyticsEDU helps students learn life skills and academic concepts in a fun and engaging way, and helps teachers & parents easily measure IEP goals through our interactive progress dashboards.


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