Introduction to Therapy Session Dashboard

This article is most helpful for patients, clinicians, and family members.

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The Therapy Session Dashboard is an analytics tool that helps family members and clinicians view a patient’s overall progress, customize the sections shown to patients in Therapy Sessions, and start new Therapy Sessions.

Accessing the Therapy Session Dashboard

If you’re a clinician, click “Therapy” in the main menu, and select the patient from the list. If you don’t see the patient here, it’s because they’ve never completed a Therapy Session before. That’s OK – just click “New Patient” and select them in the table here.

If you’re a family member, you’ll see the Therapy Session Dashboard as soon as you login. To get back to it from any other page, simply click “Dashboard” from the main menu.

For more information, see: How do I start a Therapy Session?


Statistics Definitions

  • Accuracy: The percentage of questions that a patient answers correctly on their first try
  • Score: The total number of points the patient has earned across all Therapy Sessions
  • Sessions: The total number of Therapy Sessions completed by the patient
  • Last Session: The date of the last completed Therapy Session


Optional Sections

In addition to the library of built-in questions that Frenalytics offers, we also have a wide range of ‘freestanding’ questions that work without you needing to provide answers to questions. Example sections include Reading Comprehension, conversational skills, and U.S. Money.

Optional sections are shown in the “Optional Sections” table and include an on/off switch. You can switch on or off any section in this table and change your preferences as often as you like.

Here’s some helpful information and use cases for Optional Sections:

  • Since not all sections are suited for all patients, facilitators can simply switch ‘off’ a section to not display it to patients in their next Therapy Session
  • Based on a patient’s Accuracy score for a particular section, some sections may need more focus than others — facilitators can switch ‘on’ and ‘off’ sections anytime to change the focus for an upcoming Therapy Session
  • Included and excluded sections from a previous Therapy Session are saved on the Therapy Session Dashboard, making it easy for the next facilitator to see what sections a patient saw last — and what they should be focusing on next
  • Sections excluded from a Therapy Session do not count negatively towards a patient’s Accuracy or Score calculations