Frenalytics Welcomes Jeremy LaRose, Caitlyn Hutchison to Product Team


by | October 14, 2021



New York-based cognitive therapy and personalized learning software Frenalytics expanded its versatile Product Team this summer by welcoming Jeremy LaRose as a Full-Stack Developer and Caitlyn Hutchison as a UI/UX Designer.


Jeremy LaRose joined the Frenalytics team in mid-August, where he leverages his years of software engineering expertise in C#, .NET, and Bootstrap as a full-stack developer. As a full-time engineer, Jeremy will not only work directly on the Frenalytics application, but also play an instrumental role in implementing IEP&Me through the Frenalytics-IEP&Me partnership announced earlier this summer.

“Since our first exchange with Jeremy, I immediately knew his tenacity and enthusiasm were two uniquely valuable skills that would gel perfectly with the rest of our team,” remarked Matt Giovanniello, CEO and co-founder of Frenalytics. “We’re truly lucky to have him, and are excited by his ability to make a profound impact on not just the future of Frenalytics, but also IEP&Me.”


Just under a week later, Frenalytics welcomed aboard Caitlyn Hutchison, a talented product designer with an emphasis on creating humanized products that reduce cognitive overload. After studying in New York, Rome, and Paris, Caitlyn returned to Washington, DC where she engaged in product redesign projects across web and mobile, with a particular emphasis on healthcare solutions. At Frenalytics, Caitlyn’s passion for co-created products will help both the Frenalytics and IEP&Me platforms blossom into solutions that truly fit the needs of their user groups – and based directly on end-user feedback.

“Caitlyn has a special spark that I think everyone on our team felt as soon as they met her for the first time. We’re already seeing firsthand how an infectious attitude pays dividends in yielding highly productive teams, and I’m confident that Caitlyn’s immense passion, coupled with her strong design experience, will have a positive synergistic effect with everything we do.”


With Jeremy and Caitlyn onboard, the fully-remote Frenalytics team lives across 4 timezones and has expanded its footprint to represent 7 U.S. states and 4 countries.


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