Frenalytics Introduces Upgraded Session Dashboard


by | May 13, 2021



New York-based cognitive therapy and personalized learning software Frenalytics announced an upgrade to the Session Dashboard of its innovative platform. The first-of-its-kind analytics tool provides greater customization and deeper insights into performance metrics of learning sessions completed by patients and students with stroke, dementia, TBI, autism, and Down syndrome.


“We are very excited to be releasing our new Session Dashboard,” exclaimed Matt Giovanniello, CEO and co-founder of Frenalytics.


One of the main pillars of Frenalytics is patient- and student-centric analytics: with insights, users can leverage data to inform clinical and educational decisions. The Health Curve is a major step towards this goal.


“Our product team is passionate about advancing our platform’s capabilities, and the Health Curve allows caregivers to visualize progress in a way that helps make data-driven decisions regarding a patient’s or student’s cognitive care.”


To support the company’s expansion to education, the software makes reference to the analytics tool as the “Learning Session Dashboard” for teachers, parents and students. For patients and clinicians, the classic “Therapy Session Dashboard” name remains – but with the same set of upgraded features.


In addition to the Health Curve, which shows statistics for a patient across all sessions, questions, and even individual questions, users can “turn on” and “turn off” sections and questions for even greater personalization.


When reflecting on the new upgrades, Matt shared how the Session Dashboard now “allows caregivers to review performance at the most granular level to see how well patients and students are doing …not only is this immensely helpful for clinicians to pinpoint areas of growth and places for improvement, but it also allows teachers to reference concrete data when when updating their IEPs — a powerful way to help educators set tangible goals and increase student engagement.”


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About Frenalytics
Frenalytics is a patented, cloud-based interactive platform that offers personalized learning sessions for patients and students suffering from cognitive deficits. The first version of Frenalytics was created by CEO Matt after his grandmother suffered a massive stroke during open-heart surgery. With Frenalytics, clinicians and family members are directly involved in their patient’s care to make (re)learning fun and engaging from virtually anywhere.

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