Frenalytics Featured on February 14th Episode of #nolimits Podcast by IEP Consultant Shelley Kenow


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NEW YORK, NY, February 23, 2023 –– Frenalytics, the patented personalized learning and data collection software for students with unique learning needs, was featured on the February 14, 2023 episode of the #nolimits podcast hosted by Shelley Kenow.


Shelley Kenow, a veteran educator, advocate, author, and IEP consultant, has been a certified special education teacher since 2002. Her 20+ year career most recently led her to become a Master IEP Coach® and join the Master IEP Coach® Network.


In her podcast #nolimits, Shelley interviews people who society has placed limits upon but who have busted through those limits. After hundreds of interviews, Shelley sat down with Matt Giovanniello, CEO and co-founder of Frenalytics, to discuss the importance of how parents and teachers working together is critical to a child’s long term success.

During the podcast interview, Matt shared the origin of Frenalytics as a tool he designed as a seventh-grade student to help his grandmother recover cognitively from a stroke (0:00-32:07), and how the award-winning FrenalyticsEDU platform has exploded over the last few years (42:44-48:20, 50:06-57:04).


“This truly is an amazing program,” exclaimed Shelley on the live podcast. “It is incredibly important for parents – when they get their progress reports from the schools on their [child’s] IEP goals – that they get data associated with the summary that truly is the progress report … having all of that information for teachers to give to the parents is spot-on, perfect.”


“Our personalized learning and data collection platform has proven to be invaluable to teachers and parents as a means of offering real-time, accurate analytics on each student’s progress,” explained Matt. “We’re thrilled that Shelley chose to highlight FrenalyticsEDU on her #nolimits podcast to her audience of passionate special ed teachers.”


The February 14, 2023 episode of the #nolimits podcast featuring Frenalytics can be found across a variety of networks:



About #nolimits Podcast

The #nolimits podcast is hosted by Shelley Kenow, CEO of Shelley Kenow IEP Consultant. Shelley meets weekly with people from all walks of life who society has placed limits upon but who have busted through those limits, and with her extensive experience in special education, she brings the perspective of an educator and coach to the conversation. In addition to her podcast, Shelley is an Amazon Top Ten New Release Special Education Best Selling Author, speaker, advocate, and Master IEP Coach®.



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About Frenalytics
FrenalyticsEDU is a patented, cloud-based interactive platform designed to personalize the learning process for students with unique learning needs, including autism and Down syndrome. The first version of Frenalytics was created by CEO Matt after his grandmother suffered a massive stroke during open-heart surgery. Designed for educators by educators, FrenalyticsEDU helps students learn life skills and academic concepts in a fun and engaging way, and helps teachers & parents easily measure IEP goals through our interactive progress dashboards.


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