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FrenalyticsEDU Named ‘Cool Tool’ Finalist in 2023 EdTech Awards

🏆 We’re thrilled to share that FrenalyticsEDU has been awarded as a ‘Cool Tool’ finalist in the 2023 EdTech Awards!

The 13th annual EdTech Awards – the world’s largest EdTech recognition program – awarded FrenalyticsEDU in the Personalized Learning Solution category of the the ‘Cool Tool’ competition.

Learn more about the EdTech Awards and this year’s finalists and winners for the Cool Tool, Leadership, and Trendsetter awards:

Frenalytics Named a Finalist for MassChallenge’s 2023 HealthTech Cohort

  NEW YORK, NY, March 21, 2023 –– Frenalytics, the patented personalized learning and data collection software for people with cognitive disabilities, today announced an invitation from MassChallenge to participate in its prestigious 2023 HealthTech cohort for healthcare-focused startups.   MassChallenge, the global network for innovators, named Frenalytics as a finalist in its acclaimed HealthTech…
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Frenalytics Featured on February 14th Episode of #nolimits Podcast by IEP Consultant Shelley Kenow

Last week, CEO Matt Giovanniello was interviewed by veteran educator Shelley Kenow to discuss Frenalytics on her #nolimits podcast!

In the February 14 episode, Shelley leverages her 20+ years of experience as an educator, advocate, author, and IEP consultant to explore the origins of Frenalytics and how FrenalyticsEDU – and our new Frenalytics Free plan for teachers – is the “perfect” solution for teachers to auto-collect IEP data for families while making learning impactful for students.

Listen to the episode and learn more about the #nolimits podcast:

Special Education Inner Circle Podcast Features Frenalytics in January 25 Episode on Collaborative IEP Data Collection at Home and School

Frenalytics was featured in last week’s episode of Special Education Inner Circle podcast hosted by renowned host Catherine Whitcher!

In her January 25 episode titled “Collaborative Data Collection at Home and School”, Catherine takes her 25+ years of experience advocating for everyone at the IEP table – including parents, teachers, students, admins, therapists, and advocates – and shares how she sees FrenalyticsEDU as a “key resource” that will help “families and educators build appropriate IEPs”.

Listen to the episode and learn more about the Special Education Inner Circle podcast:

Frenalytics and Molloy University Expand Partnership to Deliver Digital Healthcare Solutions to Long Island’s Underserved Populations

  LONG ISLAND, NY, January 18, 2023 –– Think Group Holdings (TGH), the parent company of patented personalized learning software Frenalytics, and Molloy University, named a ‘Best College’ by U.S. News & World Report, expanded their partnership to deliver digital healthcare solutions to underserved populations – many pediatric patients and people with disabilities – across…
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Frenalytics Named “Elite 200” Semifinalist in Preeminent 2023 GSV Cup

  NEW YORK, NY, January 4, 2023 –– Frenalytics, the patented personalized learning software for students with unique learning needs, has been selected for the 2023 GSV Cup’s “Elite 200”, competing as a semifinalist in the world’s largest pitch competition for EdTech startups.   The GSV Cup, widely recognized as the world’s largest EdTech pitch…
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Happy Holidays from Team Frenalytics!

  NEW YORK, NY, December 29, 2022 –– The team behind Frenalytics, the patented interactive learning platform for students with unique learning needs, held an all-hands “Holiday Team Lunch” in late-December to reflect on 2022 accomplishments, set goals for the year ahead, and celebrate end-of-year holidays.     The Frenalytics team gathers throughout the year…
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FrenalyticsEDU Reaches Exponential Heights through AI-Powered Math Partnership with Vonic

FrenalyticsEDU is reaching exponential heights – today, we’re thrilled to announce plans for a comprehensive math module with 100+ Common Core-aligned lessons, thanks to our groundbreaking new partnership with AI-powered EdTech company Vonic!

Through this new partnership, students of all abilities will soon be able to write out their answers to math problems in FrenalyticsEDU – and all the work they normally would on paper to get to each solution – and get instant feedback on whether they’re on the right track.

Learn more about our partnership and upcoming integration with Vonic, slated for early 2023:

FrenalyticsEDU Announces International Expansion through Partnership with Global Childhood Academy

Frenalytics is thrilled to announce a partnership with DC-based Global Childhood Academy, a global hub that empowers organizations and adults who serve children.

Through this new partnership, FrenalyticsEDU will soon be introduced to over 15,000 educators on the GCA platform across the Middle East, Africa, India, and other emerging regions worldwide.

Dr. Samia Kazi, Vice President and co-founder of GCA, shared: “Educators are hesitant to use technology with children, but technology can help solve many challenges that we face in education today, such as finding more effective ways to enrich interaction with children with special needs. GCA is proud to partner with Frenalytics because we want to highlight this incredible innovation through our global audience.”

Learn more about GCA and how our new partnership will enable FrenalyticsEDU to grow overseas:

Frenalytics Begins Professional Development Sessions at Molloy University

  NEW YORK, USA, December 2, 2022 –– Frenalytics, the patented, cloud-based interactive platform that offers personalized Learning Sessions for students with unique learning needs, hosted the first of its series of professional development sessions for FrenalyticsEDU in partnership with Molloy University.   On November 10, the Frenalytics team hosted its inaugural EdTech-focused professional development…
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