Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center


Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center

Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center (ARKC) is a senior day health center in Mountain View, CA, that supports less-independent adults who have dementia, a disability, or a chronic disease. The center aims to help its participants live at home longer, provide caregivers with respite, and improve the overall well-being of both participants and caregivers. The center provides recreational programming for its participants, along with health care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and social service check-ins. It also holds caregiver support groups twice a month.


Angela, Intern Facilitator

As an intern at Avenidas, one of the projects Angela worked on was piloting Frenalytics.

“After consulting with the Frenalytics
team about what facilitating Frenalytics sessions at Avenidas might entail, I obtained and inputted information… [and] conducted therapy sessions.”

“Additionally, I helped troubleshoot for the Frenalytics program and provided input about the platform and about how it could be best tailored towards dementia patients, finding that objective questions and questions related to family members were most beneficial.”

A Personalized Tool for Positive Aging

In line with Avenidas’ mission statement, Frenalytics is a web-based therapy tool that offers personalized Therapy Sessions for their participants suffering from stroke and dementia.


Prior to implementation, Frenalytics visited on-site to observe how Avenidas cares for its participants. This helped us run personalized webinars to train users on our personalized therapy program — a win-win!


ARKC’s Program Director onboarded participants in our beta with the help of their Activity Manager and intern facilitators — all it took is a few clicks to get participants (and their family members) active in Frenalytics.


As ARKC appreciated a support team as friendly and knowledgeable as they are (who doesn’t!), the Frenalytics in-house support team checked in with their staff on a regular basis and promptly addressed their questions and issues.


ARKC identified an opportunity for their participants to continue therapy even after they leave the center each day. Since Frenalytics is a web app that can run on any device, family members now login and run sessions for their loved ones after hours.

Data-Driven Outcomes

[One participant] seemed to show improvement in performance over the course of five weeks, going from a score of 46.4% during the first session to a score of 53.1% by the last session.


Facilitator, Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center

Client Feedback

Overall, I think that this program takes a personal and practical approach towards engaging the memory of older folks, and I am excited to see how it evolves over time. It was a pleasure to work with Frenalytics and help integrate their program into Avenidas Rose Kleiner!


Facilitator, Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center

When I invited Matthew out to Palo Alto in 2018 to discuss the potential collaboration with Avenidas to beta test Frenalytics, I knew we were going for be able to bring a new level of personal support to our clients at the Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center. CONGRATULATIONS Matthew and the team!!


VP Strategic Partnerships, Avenidas