Author: Hailey Park

Savant Syndrome: What Is It and How Is It Represented in the Media?

Individuals with savant syndrome, a condition in which someone with a neurodevelopmental disorder (such as Autism) is gifted with extraordinary abilities, often make them unique and remarkable people. “Savants” can have exceptional artistic talent, excel at lightning-fast calculations, have incredible calendar-calculating skills, and demonstrate superior memory, among other impressive skills.

Our intern Hailey writes on the Frenalytics blog about how savants are progressively being represented in the media, bringing awareness and acceptance to the table:

What Role Does Technology Play in Special Education?

Over the past decade, technology has increasingly become a standard tool being used in today’s classrooms. The same students who carried textbooks to their classes are now carrying laptops and tablets. Technology creates efficiency and convenience when it comes to learning. However, does this mean it’s the same for special education students?   Defining ‘Special…
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