Author: Charlotte Berman

Teacher Feature – How Jen Gentile at Escondido High School Uses FrenalyticsEDU

Our new Teacher Feature series highlights how special education teachers have adapted their classroom during the pandemic and how they have each uniquely implemented Frenalytics into their classroom. This edition features Jen, a high school special education teacher at Escondido High School in Escondido, CA:

Silver Linings for Special Education – Unexpected Positives that have Emerged from the Pandemic

  While the pandemic has prompted widespread shifts in learning and teaching methods, there are a number of “silver linings” that have emerged this past year, particularly for special education. These instances of success are vital as they remind us that educators, students, and parents alike have shown incredible resilience and have embraced change in…
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Returning To the Classroom Calls for Shifts in Routines: How to Best Support Your Child with Autism During this Time of Change

Transitioning back to the classroom will certainly not be without challenges. The rapid shift to remote learning last year brought on extreme stress and transition anxiety for students, parents, and teachers. Now a year later we are facing another tense transition period, just reversed. Special education students, particularly students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), often…
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The Reopening of Schools – A Special Education Spotlight

  After more than a year of remote learning, it seems like hope is on the horizon for teachers, students, and parents. As teachers are becoming eligible for the vaccine and state guidelines are shifting, school districts are increasingly looking to restart in-person learning. Every school district is taking its own unique approach to integrate…
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